Saturn and Jupiter WAS: [motorhome-list] brave new m/home world?

Alan Morris

On Tue, 22 Dec 2020 at 08:41, Ernest Bull <ernb32@...> wrote:

> You may have even been somewhere where you could see the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. Bristol was, as it usually is, under a think blanket of Impenetrable, rain filled clouds. And Margaret bought me a super pair of Celestron binoculars for the event.

You need to look here:-



The photo on there yesterday was even better.


Ernest Bull

On 22 Dec 2020, at 17:13, Alan Morris <alan.g4ens@...> wrote:

You need to look here:-

Thank you, Alan. Quite a picture. I was hoping to see them later, even if not so close, but until further notice Bristol’s nighttime skies are due to be 10 10ths cloud until at least Jan 4th. And probably beyond, if I know Bristol.