Re. Campsite books

Richard Evans <richard@...>

We will be going touring to Europe
later this year and seek the groups recommendation on which site
books/directories would be best.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Those from the national camping organisations always seem the best to me,
viz. FFCC, FECC, TCI etc.

The route directions in the Spanish book are appalling, those in the French
book minimal but I find them OK when partnered with a good Michelin Local
map at 1:150000, the Italian book is reasonably good.

In France avoid sites which are more than 50% 'Loisirs', which means mostly
statics, though some are welcoming and have a few touring pitches.

However if you want 'full-facility sites' Alan Rogers and the green Michelin
Campsite book will suffice.

Camping Cheques are worth a look if you are going after the end of August,
but IMO dyor before booking a full package with them.

Richard Evans