Q!!Re: [MH-list] going wild in Scotland + possible ferry strike

paul phipps <pphipps@...>

Someone said......"Kinlochbervie .... although , watch out for this last one .. it's a seriously commercial fishing port & can be full of wild & crazy Russians of an evening ...don't send your women in there alone !!!"

Your havering and blethering man! KLB is the main north west coast port for the smaller inshore pelagic fishing fleet and as such is fairly quiet due to the difficult and narrow entrance to the harbour and the fact that the UK fishing fleet has been decimated to comply with EEC agreements. Lochinver is now hosting our friends of the European fishing fleets who are busy hoovering up all the fish off the Atlantic shelf. Ullapool used to (in the dim and distant past) play host to the Eastern European klondyker factory ships which bought and purchased large quantities of mackerel - quantities which could not be sustained, so they too, like the mackerel, have long since disappeared.
You are right though, in that there are at the moment many places to wild camp up here in the North. Make the most of it!
The CalMac ferry strike is still a possibility although just a threat at the moment - all parties are still talking!

Paul - who lives up here!