plans changed?

timsinc Sinclair

Cities basically in shutdown - can't go the theatre or fancy diner,
not to mention get a haircut or dare risk public transport - we're
being inundated with temptations to make for the countryside . . . our
other escape routes to the sun, sea and sand blocked.

Camping clubs, media articles, the National Trust, website ads
enticing us to book now in readiness for when lockdown tethers are
loosened. Yep, unless you book now you won't be able to find a spare
b&b room, a campsite pitch or find a space in the crowded car parks,
as suddenly we all want 'get away' and splash out all that cash we've
been unable to spend in confinement.

Although, in anticipation, some bank accounts already raided - the
sales of motorhomes gone through the roof. Check out, with catch-up
tv, the Channel 5 show 'Million Pound Motorhomes'. It's not all about
the absurd extravagance of some - but whatever I found it really

While climate change is gradually forcing change, Covid has come as a
sudden brutal shock to our way of life. Perhaps we needed it. Be
interesting to hear how others have or will adapt and changed their
thinking and plans for the future.

campervan Tim


I should think most folk have had to change or at least tweet their plans for the near future. I've put off my mini European tour to Budapest on the motorbike. I've swooped it for a few days doing the Snowdonia 360 in June.Me and the wife have decided not to take the motorhome over to Europe this year because 1/ not sure how things will pan out over there with regards to the Covid situation and 2/ I reckon there may well be some backlash from some quarters about Brexit.
We have already booked 2 separate weeks away in Devon and a long weekend in Norfolk. Hopefully by next year there will be a clearer picture on what will hopefully be a brave new world.