[MH-list] Re: Length of mains hookup lead?

Buff Eagle <buff@...>

Steve . . . we have two electric cables. . . both bought already made up
from camper van/caravan accessory type shops. One is the longest and one
the shortest length we could find. The shortest one is used at home if I
want to cool the fridge etc before we leave home, or if the weather is
really cold I hook up the night before we go and leave a greenhouse type
fire in the van to keep the van warm/windows clear. We take this length
with us for occassional use but usually it is a tiny bit too short and we
have to get out the long one!! (You need enough length for the cable to lie
flat on the ground) The extra long one has always been long enough. I don't
think that creating an even longer one by joining two lengths together is a
very good idea as I would think people could easily trip/stumble on the
rather bulky joint. We store these leads in stuff bags which allow them to
coil round but lie flat, and they shove into a very small area without any
bother. It is bound to be raining when you dismantle the cables, so a stuff
bag keeps everything else dry. We keep the various adaptors in the bag too
. . . always carry the one that connects to house mains electricity with
you as there is nothing more annoying than realising it is in the garage at
home when you need it!

Have fun

Buff :0)