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I visited them for a damp test with my previous Hymer - so quite some time ago now - perhaps 8 or 9 years when they first had the Hymer dealership, but the service, unprofessional attitude and the failure of their senior management to respond to an email pointing out these problems convinced me to avoid them in the future.

From Derek’s email it sounds as if they’ve not improved.


On 18 Oct 2019, at 02:07, Derek Sims via Groups.Io <> wrote:

Hello Gill
I would echo the comments with regard to Alan Kerr Motorhomes which, until recent years, was a car dealership. We’ve found their sales staff to be helpful, but pushy and when we used them for some free recall work on our last ‘van their service reception staff were rude and offhand, although we had no complaints about the workmanship.

No-one’s commented on Roller Team, but they are part of the huge Trigano Group (Italian I think), and tend to be toward the budget end of the range. You would probably get a lot for your money but you would need to look at the quality of manufacture and fittings, particularly if you view it as a long-term purchase. The quality is unlikely to match that of the leading European makes like Hymer, Dethleffs, Carthago, Rapido or Pilote.

You also need to look at the quality of dealer support you would receive and who is the main importer as they might be the principal source of parts. I believe that Roller Team used to be imported by Don Amott Motorhomes but I don’t know if they’re still in business. Certainly the dealer is almost as important as the make. We bought a Hymercar from Lowdhams Huddersfield dealership and it was an absolutely awful experience (We had been warned, so we were on our guard, but they happened to have the model we thought we wanted in stock). We had decided to have all the extras we wanted fitted by them so they couldn’t walk away from any warranty claim arising from an extra fitted by us or another dealer, but they damaged the ‘van with almost every item they fitted and when we went up for the one hour they allocated for handover we were there a week while they corrected all the errors we found. Even after that we found some faults that had to be fixed by our local motorhome repairer and charged back to Lowdhams, because we refused to do the 600 mile round trip from North Devon.

The worst thing they did was to nearly kill us by fitting a free-venting additional leisure battery under the driver’s seat. This would have pumped hydrogen into the living space as we drove along, so our first lighting of the hob when we stopped could blown us to kingdom come. This only came out at the first “handover” when I asked to see proof that the extra battery fitted was the same make, type and capacity as the Varta one fitted. It turned out their “technician” just went to their stores and pulled out a battery of the same capacity, one of their re-badged starter batteries for which they were going to charge us £200! In the end they agreed to remove even the wrong make battery that they’d finally fitted, and we bought our own. At the end of the week their directors even tried to cancel the sale, but their over-enthusiastic salesman had already transferred our motorhome to them, so they had to let it go through.

When it came to warranty work they were just as bad, the policy being to try to dodge responsibility or cannibalise from stock ‘vans (not always new), shrugging off anything to do with the base vehicle as not their responsibility (which it clearly is under the Sale of Goods Act).

In the end, as we were visiting Germany, we took the ‘van to the Hymer Service Centre at Bad Waldsee, where they fixed six items without a quibble. Whilst there we noticed other British registered ‘vans awaiting service, so perhaps they were Lowdhams’ customers too.

As it happened, we changed the Hymercar Ayers Rock after 18 months because of it’s poor insulation, (We had had our previous A Class motorhome 13 happy years from new and downsized because my Glaucoma resulted in me losing my licence for over 3.5 tons and we wanted something to fit our apartment parking space). To our surprise, having looked at all the alternatives, we bought ..... another Hymer, but this is a Hymervan 314, which is a proper low profile motorhome with the appropriate level of insulation. At 5.45 m it’s only 50mm longer and wider than the Hymercar, but feels totally different, yet still just fits our parking space.

Of course, we didn’t go back to Lowdhams, but bought from Travelworld’s new Erwin Hymer Centre in Stafford this April and, so far, the experience couldn’t have been more different. Yes, there have been teething problems, but their responsiveness in fixing them has been in a different League from Lowdhams. They’ve even reached an agreement with our local Motorhome repairer near Ilfracombe for warranty work to be done there and charged to Travelworld, so if we have a problem it’s only a ten minute drive to get it fixed.

It’s early days, but so far I would unreservedly recommend Travelworld. They’re not cheap and only sell products from the Hymer Group, but in the end it’s value for money and peace of mind that count for us.

I did see a review of the Pegaso in one of the club magazines and it looked very interesting, but at 6m would have been too long for us. I would also watch the payload if it’s only 3.5 tons. A couple who used to be on this list, Mike & Sandra Shepherd had a Rapido A Class that was only 6m, but they found it a bit small and changed for a longer one with a fixed bed in addition to the drop down one. The only problem with just the drop down bed is that once it’s down you generally lose the lounge, so you have to both go to bed at the same time. If that suits you, then fine.

Sorry for the ramble, hope that helps.


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