Garmin Dezl LMT D SatNav


Hi Folks

For the last 3-4 or so years I have relied on a Truck SatNav for work and I'm thinking it's time for an upgrade.

I've poked around, and think I'll still be sticking with the Garmin over the Tomtom, but I'm just doing research now on whether the new 7" or 8" is for me.

What I've got currently is the Garmin Dezl LMT-D 780 Truck SatNav. I think it covers UK and Europe and has lifetime map updates (via computer).

I did have the RDS traffic/power lead for it, but it looks like they've now discontinued that service.

However, it won't connect to my phone over bluetooth. If it does, it doesn't for long. Possibly because I have so many other devices that are often connected (PLT earpeice, Truck BT etc) and the SatNav has 2 modes to connect. One for the TrafficLink and another for taking calls. Which I wouldn't reccomend using.

When it does connect it works pretty good with traffic. I have loaned it to a colleague and he loved it enough to buy one of his own 6 months ago.

Because I'm finding more and more the need for traffic support whilst driving I'm considering upgrading and was wondering if there was any interest here on the MH list for such a beast?

I use it with the Wildcamping POIs and it's very good for that. I get to see the random W around and some are even good to hide a 50ft artic in! It currently has all my work POIs in it too, and its good at that. I've used the PC software to help me build up planned routes when I go off road too.

I've offered it to Dad (YorkCov) but he prefers his smaller 5" satnav.

So. Is anyone here interested in such a beast?



Hi Elwyn

Have you still got it. and if so what sort of money are we talking please?

Many thanks