Bike rack woes.

M Stevenson

Hi folks,

We have a Ducato PVC motorhome with a Fiamma cycle rack on the rear doors.

Normally we carry one e-bike and a lightweight road bike totalling 31kg, well under the 35kg limit.

On our last trip I was horrified to see the whole thing peeling off with the door skin at the top bracket. The bottom one had slid down about half an inch.
Basically the profile of the two end clamps squeeze onto the edges of the door, the 'wrap around' does nothing as it stands clear of the inner frame/skin.
To compound matters, at this point, the outer skin only wraps around the inner skin by 2mm!!
I suspect that the aluminium bracket expands faster than the door in the heat and literally hangs on by the skin of it's teeth.

A camouflaged concrete speed bump was the final straw, but I suspect this may have been ongoing and unnoticed.

The whole lot might have come adrift.

I think the shape of the clamps is poor, I shall give them a squeeze in the vice so they clamp better behind onto the inner skin.

Anyone else got one of these, and have similar issues, might be worth checking.