App and CAMC Sites

Peter S

I have now had a reply from the CAMC about the use of the NHS App. As suspected you do not have to use it.

"The current Track & Trace system is in use at all Club campsites, and utilises our reservation system in order to minimise the administration burden on our members. On
24 September, the UK Government will introduce a new NHS QR code system within England & Wales in addition to the current Track & Trace procedure. This new system allows individuals to download a Govt App and then scan a code within hospitality venues, to “check in” to the venue - This is entirely voluntary, and whilst not a requirement for members to “check in”, the Club, and other campsites or holiday parks, are legally bound to display the new NHS QR Code posters at its campsites. We feel strongly that containing outbreaks at an early stage and reducing the ability for the COVID virus to spread is ultimately beneficial to us all and are asking our members and guests to support the use of the new system."

Peter S



Thank you Peter. 
Take care and stay safe.