Vegan Tip

Ernest Bull

Margaret and I thought we should do a little more than just tell others how to off-set Climate Change, so we have been experimenting with vegan meat substitutes with an eye to only eating meat once a week for an indulgent treat.

We’ve now worked through a fair number of them, mostly different versions of Tofu and Soya and, even when the taste is OK, the texture is way off of the mark. We were already fans of Quorn Sausages and Quorn Sausage patties and now we can warmly recommend Quorn Pieces. Just drop a few bits in a home-made or shop bought cook-in sauce and you have a nice meal. Could be beef or chicken. Superb texture and so quick and easy.

And then, although not quite 100%, texture-wise, Quorn Mince makes an OK shepherd’s pie.