Campaign for Real Aires - CAMpRA


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Campaign for Real Aires - CAMpRA


Your group leaders have been working in the background to keep up with our ever expanding group.
We would like to let our members know some of the things that we are doing on your behalf.
1) Registered domain
2) Developing a group website
3) Finalising the aims of the group and strategies
4) Contacted various bodies to gain information and produce case studies for successful motorhome parking and service points
5) Producing supporting documentation for members to use
6) Providing guidance and support to an official body who are looking to allow overnight parking and facilities on all of their sites (details once agreement is finalised)
7) Gathering information from our members posts.


How can you help?
Keep spreading the word, the more members the bigger our impact
Keep posting your ideas they are all welcome
If you have specialist skills we need your help on our leadership team.
If you have contacts in the right places let us know or put them in touch with us.
But mainly keep positive we are all excited and optimistic that we can make progress with a much needed voice.

Get ready for the SELFIE STORM too!!!!




Good Luck to the group