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Below is a copy from FB as I recall someone has to collect their Motorhome from there 
Where they had to leave it in a hurry a few months ago

Hope it’s useful

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some info that's been given to camp site owners in Greece;

The Greek Tourism Ministry has released the health protocols that are to be applied in organized tourist campsites across the country for their safe reopening and operation in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the ministry’s  the ‘Restart Tourism’ plan, campsites are scheduled to open on June 1

According to these protocols, every campsite is obliged to draw up an operational plan for the management of suspected Covid-19 cases that must include:

A description of the coronavirus symptoms.

The 1135 emergency number.

Instructions for the temporary isolation of the incident in a camper trailer or in a room with natural ventilation.

Information about the use of a surgical mask, protective glasses, footwear, a waterproof apron with long sleeves and gloves by everyone entering the temporary isolation area.

The contact details of Greece’s National Center for Emergency Care – EKAV, the health facility that will accept the incident and the health service responsible for the campsite.

Furthermore, a report of all the patient’s contacts must be provided to health authorities.

The incidents as well as the measures applied must be documented in the COVID-19 Incident Book of the campsite, which will be kept by a health coordinator to be appointed by the campsite’s management.



– The campsite must provide its staff with personal protective equipment.

– The campsite must inform its customers about their obligation to follow protective measures against COVID-19.

– Permanent customers, tour operators, relevant associations and customers that have made or plan to make a reservation via e-mail, must be informed about the health operation protocol. Instructions must also be posted on the campsite’s official website or social media.

– The health protocols and relevant instructions must also be available in public areas (entrance, reception area etc.) or on printed material.

– It is recommended that campsites update their websites with a dedicated COVID-19 section, which will include information on the applied health protocols, instructions, measures, policy etc., with links leading to the Greek government’s official dedicated webpages.

– Customers must state that they have been informed, and accept to follow the COVID- 19 instructions and measures. In case they do not accept or defying behaviors are observed, the campsite has the right not to accept the customers and request their departure.


– Use of personal protective equipment: It is recommended that staff, customers and any other person entering the indoor areas of the campsite use a fabric mask.

– Personal hygiene: Hand hygiene must be maintained using soap and water. Antiseptic stations must be available at the entrance of indoor public areas. Proper respiratory hygiene must be followed, ie covering the mouth and nose with a tissue in case of cough and then throwing the tissue in a plastic bag.


– Social distancing: A distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained in all indoor and outdoor areas between people that do not belong to the same family or company or do not stay in the same campsite.

– Report a violation: Any violation of the instructions and regulations should be reported to the person in charge of the campsite.

– Information and training: Staff, customers and businesses that cooperate or provide services to the campsite will receive information and training.

– Avoid live transactions/communication: Online transactions are recommended as well as telephone communications whenever possible, especially in the case of ordering or purchasing services and goods, equipment, etc.

– Entrance to the facilities is not allowed for persons that do not reside in the campsite.

– The campsite’s management must keep an updated record of all guests – name, nationality, date of arrival and departure, contact details (address, telephone, e-mail).

– Every campsite must appoint a person responsible for maintaining COVID-19 regulations.

– All recent state regulations regarding the operation of beaches must be applied on the campsite’s beach.


The following public spots/equipment should be cleaned and disinfected according to a daily schedule or after each use with chlorine solution (0.1%):
• Supply of drinking water – taps, caps, hoses and other equipment used to supply water,
• WC chemical discharge points,
• Safe boxes for personal belongings and keys,
• Handles and keys of common refrigerators,
• Frequently-touched surfaces near power supply stations,
• Lifeguard equipment,
• Waste bins,
• Other frequently-touched surfaces (ATMs, handrails etc).


Photo Source: Visit Greece


– A distance of five meters should be maintained from the entrance, and three meters from the side of each camper (caravan, motorhome, tent, etc.). Alternatively, the number of customers, including permanent customers, should be reduced by 20 percent from the campsite’s approved capacity, provided that the aforementioned distances of five and three meters are maintained.

– A distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained between people that do not stay in the same camp or house.

– In case tents are rented or provided, they should be cleaned and disinfected after their use by different customers, according to the manufacturers’ instructions.

– Other equipment leased or provided (such as mattresses, pumps, tables, etc.) should be cleaned and disinfected between its use by different customers.

– Sanitary facilities (toilets, showers, hand washing machines, changing rooms, sinks for washing dishes) must be maintained clean and in good condition in accordance with the sanitary provisions.

– The management must place waste bins in various indoor and outdoor areas.


For recreational water installations, campsites must apply the “Instructions for swimming pools of tourism accommodation facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic”.

In case chairs, sunbeds and umbrellas are rented, campsites must follow the “Instructions for prevention and treatment of COVID-19 cases in beaches”.

Restaurants, shops and other facilities will operate in accordance with Greek regulations


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I thought I heard/read somewhere that Greece wasn't letting anyone from UK enter?
Best wishes, stay safe, Brent overcast & cooler IoW


After reading all that it seems to me that Greece has it fairly well sorted. The only problem that I see is being able to get there in the motorhome in the first place until other countries in between relax travel restrictions.


Neill King \(MH-List\)

Greece is fine but they don’t see us in the UK as being the same.


29th May Guardian online

“Britain left off 'safe list' of countries free to holiday in Greece. UK fails to fit epidemiological profile demanded by Athens, which has kept Covid-19 in check”.


All may change in the coming days and weeks of course.




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After reading all that it seems to me that Greece has it fairly well sorted. The only problem that I see is being able to get there in the motorhome in the first place until other countries in between relax travel restrictions.