CC site advance bookings

DABurleigh <daburleigh@...>

Just a moan to make me feel better.

I think the CC is incompatible with those who fancy something a little more
sociable than a CL but who cannot, usually for work reasons, anticipate
sufficiently far in advance the precise days they will want to stay where.

I tried to book up Rookesbury Park for a week in a month's time. I've got a
couple of days working nearby, and rather than fight rush hour traffic there
and back on separate occasions, I thought I'd use it as a base and take days
off in between and either side of the work days.

Nope, can't do. Fully booked. OK, the period spans before, through and after
a bank holiday. But it's not this coming one, rather the one after that.

That's that spontaneous idea up in smoke. Clearly planning a month ahead is

Some friends are away on a CC site in their motorhome this bank holiday. I
asked them when they booked it. They answered "the first day of the season
the site was open".

I have a sense of deja vue from when golf was my passion a few years back.
In order to get a game at the weekend (had to work during the week) you had
to book up a foursome weeks in advance and turn up whatever the weather or
you received a snotty letter from the secretary. A bit incompatible with
what I wanted to do, which was wake up on a Saturday morning after a tiring
week, throw open the curtains and comment that it was a lovely day for a
round of golf. So I gave it up.

Escaping the country has similar constraints. Trying to obtain suitable
ferry crossings at a less than extortionate price to suit the time you can
get off, when you know what it is, is a nightmare. So last year we flew out
to a hotel, only to hear that the hotel was already fully booked for the
same month a year hence. Things are getting a bit crazy!

I wonder if motorhoming amongst those of working age is increasing or
decreasing in this country. It strikes me you need to be retired for the
freedom to plan sufficiently in advance.



We're off to the Elvaston Castle site in Mid July for a radio rally.
For the last 4 years this site has been fully booked when I tried to
book a pitch.

Every year I tried earlier and earlier. This year I was successful. I
booked the site as soon as the early booking office opened.

Whilst I was on the phone I booked a few other sites as well :)

It was the only way to get on the sites I wanted, when I wanted.

At least if they are booked up that early in advance it's members on
site. I hate trying a site to be told that they are full and then when
asking how many non members are on site I'm told that 40% or more are
non members. I then wonder why I joined the clubs.

CLs/ CSs are normally pretty good. Basic facilities but they tend to
usually have space.

Both clubs have the early booking facility and I now know why :)