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Trevor Mace

We limited it to an alarm. I don't think I would want ours back if it were stolen!

On 5 September 2018 11:50:12 BST, "huffbuffforums@... [motorhome-list]"

I've noticed reference to trackers in a recent thread but no recent general discussion of the pros and cons.

Safeguard advise that they require either a Cat 1 alarm or a Cat 5 tracker to be fitted as a requirement of their insurance, but say you don't need both.

We imagine that trackers are no deterrent against break-ins and thefts from the vehicle, so we imagine that we certainly want an alarm. So the question is do we need a tracker as well?

We know next to nothing about trackers and would welcome advice:

- what features should we consider?

- do we need a contract with a service provider as well as the hardware, or are there other ways of tracking a stolen vehicle?

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