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Neill King \(MH-List\)

I’ve been a great fan of Three ever since they introduced ‘feel at home’. Before that I was on a Vodaphone fixed daily rate, pay if you use it that day but no charge if not.


I use both a contract SIM and a PAYG SIM and juggle both to get the GBs I need over extended but temporary periods abroad – and I’m a fairly high user (but not ‘mega’). I saw no difference in service between monthly and PAYG.


Both are in independently purchased MiFi Dongles.


I’ve been very happy with this for some years but this year was a bit of a nightmare with difficulty connecting in many areas. Also some of the ‘approved’ providers refused service, one (Orange F) refused it wherever we went!  If trying to connect manually, as was necessary when the ‘auto’ provider wasn’t there or was refusing, some were showing as ‘forbidden’ even though they were on Three’s approved list. Then again some providers that gave us good connections for a time went on to deny it at least for a time (Free & SFR e.g.). Bytel when available seemed the best of the bunch this year. All in all a less than fun experience.


I suspect the French providers were not at all keen on the new ‘EU same as at home’ scheme and were messing about but I have no way of proving that.


PS: Being on Three in France and not in the UK all this was 3G not 4G.


I’m quite tempted to re-examine Vodaphone’s offering but £28/month doesn’t really seem like a bargain to me that would be £336 for 2/3 months usage max for me, especially when I can buy PAYG add-ons at £15-£20 a go.



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