Re: [MH-list] Last minute change of vehicle question

David Scholes

I turned up once at one of the ports in a different car (before my caravan/motorhome days).
I was worried but they just took it as normal, changed the Reg number on the ticket and ushered me on board.
Can’t see it phasing them at all except for the Chunnel where you are welcomed by name because they use number plate recognition as you come up the drive.


On 25 May 2018, at 09:57, Tim Atkinson tim@... [motorhome-list] <motorhome-list@...> wrote:



Just wondering if anyone any experience of turning up with a different
vehicle to the one originally booked on the Portsmouth-Caen ferry?

Can I just turn up?  (replacement vehicle is smaller than the one
originally booked)

Thanks for any advice


--Tim A

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