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On 13 March 2018 at 05:45, Paul Jackson paul.f.jackson@... [motorhome-list] <motorhome-list@...> wrote:

If you are even a little bit "handy" and have a step ladder or something
to give you access to your roof its very easy to do the job yourself.

The controller should be placed where you can see it if you want to
monitor what is going on with the charging.


Thats it. Sit back and enjoy the free power.

Paul an excellent write-up.  You forgot only one point that comes to mind.

The controller needs to be as close as possible to the battery.

If the controller is close to the panels and a long distance from the panels, like Loudhams, Nottingham did with mine prior to delivery. then there will be a voltage drop on the long wires.

This voltage will be added to the battery volts and thus reduce the maximum charge possible.


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