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To get the most out of solar panels consider adding another battery. This is likely to give the biggest improvement of all!  Solar Panel companies are there to sell you just that but the first thing they ought to offer is the extra battery!


I have twin panels of 180W total on the roof feeding twin batteries of 220AHr total via a dedicated solar controller. If doing it now with currently available products I’d have slightly bigger panels maybe 240W and also an MPPT controller. The controller/regulator is an important part of the system, don’t scrimp on that.


All that said my older system works just fine.


Don’t get too hung up about any ‘exact’ spec or decisions though - adding any solar >60W will give a decent improvement, more solar will give greater improvement, especially in poorer weather, but will at some point be limited by the amount of battery storage available (hence the advice above) – but all choices will simply ‘work’ to one degree or another.


Don’t forget we are collecting power from a very variable weather/energy system and passing over to very variable humans – exact just doesn’t come into it!


DIY is perfectly possible but it does involve holes in the roof.


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 Hi All,

 I am thinking of putting solar panels on my camper but I have no idea what need or what to get, I want something to charge my 120AH battery, can anyone please recommend what is needed    


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