My preference is an Apple deice - and yes they are expensive but I believe worth the money.

Always take a look at the bottom of the Apple UK webpage - there is a link to "Apple Certified refurbished"

The stock changes often on a daily basis - but there are bargains to be had and comes with full Apple warranty.

With reference to the memory not being extendable - this has now been solved with a very clever Gadget - get a "SANDISK I EXPAND"  this is an external memory device that is iPhone/Ipad compatible with the newer tiny lightning connector - it has this on one end and a standard USB on the other - so you can load films pictures etc. onto the device then play them and view on the iPad - it has "An App" that deals with the copying stuff in and out - so also a good way to get iPhone pictures off the device and view/save to something else - easy to find on Amazon, Tesco have them in all of their bigger stores.

The Androids can very good, but they save the cost on the cheaper ones with a slow processor and weak GPS - Samsung have always performed well and if you can find an old stock model again a bargain is to be had.  I have a "Samsung Galaxy Tab Three" with an excellent GPS receiver that holds onto a signal even in very covered areas - plus there is free "Navigator" that can be downloaded from the Play Store and has the occasional ad. or pay a bit and it is advert clear.

I have all the devices as I need to be able to demonstrate them - I am a "Library Volunteer" that helps "The Oldies:" and sometimes "Not so Oldies" with their computer/Laptop/Tablet.Smartphone issues - sometimes can be a challenge !


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