Re: Choosing a Car

Mervyn Pickard

I don't envy you that task Ernie.  Choosing a new car must be a nightmare these days.  So many seem to be plagued with electrical and electronic gremlins that nobody seems able to fix.
My son had a Renault Clio that went from one seemingly unidentifiable problem to another.  We got rid of that and got him a VW Golf thinking German engineering should be sound!!  After only a few weeks that started playing up.  Research on Google showed many similar examples of the problem and no definitive fix.  Father In Law's ageing Fiesta has recently started missing momentarily when you pull away.  I check all the obvious.  All seems OK & no fault codes.  Google shows the same situation, many problems but no fixes.

My Fiat based 694 has had electrical problems from my first trip out.  Again lots of people with the same problems, many of whom have spent thousands with garages changing a succession of expensive parts.  Many people with problems, none with answers.

I've decided I'll never buy anything French, Italian or German again.  Toyota is the way ahead!!!

Good luck with your search.

By the way, I've had many Citroens in the past. BX, CX & XM.  Loved most of them as they were quirky and relatively reliable.

Best regards



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