Re: [MH-list] At Last!

Ernest Bull

On 19 Aug 2016, at 19:35, Peter S pstallwood@... [motorhome-list] <motorhome-list@...> wrote:

Can Vodaphone actually provide 38Mbps or more where you live. The connection is still over BT lines.

That’s a point. No, 16Mbps, tops, but Vodafone still offer 38Mbps fibre even though that speed is not available where I am. OTOH, would  it be faster than my current, promised, top speed of 17Mbps from PO Broadband? Especially in the early evening when it can take up to 15 or even 30 secs to load a webpage. OTOH2, over the 18 months contract, I will only pay £19 a month overall.

If I am still here then, the Bristol systems may have been boosted to higher speeds.

Or Relish could have arrived.

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