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Trevor Mace


TomTom discount of 20% ends 20th July. Use code summer_pnd


On 14/07/2016 09:13, brent.c@... [motorhome-list] wrote:

Hi All


“Do not buy one of the new Tom Toms”


Oh dear Peter now you’ve put me in a quandary – I was just about to buy one of the following – I know it’s a bit on the expensive side but we’ve tried loads (for motorhome dimensions) and they all send us nowhere near our intended destinations, or if they do get close down narrow lanes with 6ft6in restrictions!! We then used our “old” TomTom 910 which made the best job of getting near (still going down lanes!!) so having read the reviews (which I know can be rigged – blimey sounding like ErnieB – sorry mate) this one seems to get all the rave reviews


Tried to download that Navmii but have given up after an hour of trying!!!!


Best wishes and safe travels


Brent nice sunny Isle of Wight

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