Re: [MH-list] Re:: Led Lights

Trevor Mace

Be careful, Ernie. They are designed to have their 12v supplied accurately. When you are on mains your 12v rail is likely to be in excess of 13.5v. I tried using an led 'rope' to convert a twin striplight by taking out the electronics and wiring direct. It lasted less than one season.


On 05/04/2016 14:34, Ernest Bull ernb32@... [motorhome-list] wrote:
I bought a 1M long, self adhesive LED Rope with a total load of 3.2W, for 7. It has a 230V power plug but the output is 12V DC so I assume that it will be OK to cut the lead and, once the +ve is identified (Ill post result when I look further.) it will connect to any vans system.

Seems to give a decent under cupboard light.



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