Re: [MH-list] WARNING; On-Line Invoice

Alan Cocks

This format of .doc malware is currently legion. It seems that
Microsoft .doc format files can contain malware. Probably in macros
which are fun but dangerous, I have not investigated, I simply deleted
them (all...)

It may be of interest to note that Libre Office Is not only free of
charge, but also converts most of Microsoft's various formats into
others, not least it natively uses the ISO standard Open Document
Format (ODF).

Recently, the UK Government have achieved a long time stated aim of
escaping 'vendor lock in' (their words) and have now got a deal with a
company to give support for the use of Libre Office/Open Office
(similar based code) or its custom version for Government.

Microsoft have had plenty of 'warning' that large organisations and
Governments no longer are happy to use expensive (for businesses
anyway) proprietary software committing to large costs. (And profits
This has been a Global move over some years, even for operating systems.

Interestingly, MS are now also embracing Linux, which I carefully
note, because I will stay pretty clear of their offerings! (smile)

alan c

On 03/02/16 20:36, Ernest Bull [motorhome-list] wrote:

Do not be tempted to click on an on-line invoice from Yvonne@direct-electrical

Especially if a Windows PC. It contains some really evil stuff!

alan cocks

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