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Trevor Mace

I do use Facebook and am happy to continue do so, however I completely agree with Paul, please don't introduce pictures on the List.


On 29/01/2016 20:28, Paul Jackson paul.f.jackson@... [motorhome-list] wrote:
As a long time member and occasional contributor to the list I really
hope that the list continues to thrive well into the future.

I do not want to join facebook or twitter thank you very much, I much
prefer it here :-)

As for photos I think allowing them is a recipe for trouble as someone
somewhere will forget to re size them and post one that is huge.

If at home that would not normally be too bad as I guess most people
(but not all) now have reasonable speed and allowance on their net
connections at home and would cope. However if like me you rely on a
dongle for all your net access it could be a big problem. Not only for
speed of download but also for amount of data it would use up.

I think that I would much prefer a link to a photo stored elsewhere
chosen by the photo supplier so those that want to view it can, those
that dont want or dont have the data to view it can wait until they do.
a personal website

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