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Alan Cocks

Sorry to say I do not use Facebook for ethical reasons, although I
well understand that its power and coverage are pretty well irresistible.

I do not use this existing list much at all, although I do keep an eye
on it generally daily.
I stopped using stuff here some time ago because deliberate
aggravation by others on the subject of computers led quickly to a
complete ban on this list on discussion about operating systems. It is
sad how the misbehaviour of one, or very few, can cause a significant
restriction. This type of thing is being played out in a wider,
political and geographic scenarios, as we see.

My life (when I am in the MH and also when I am not...) is strongly
computer-use centric, and the use of Ubuntu has given so much benefit
that it is one of the discoveries, alongside motorhoming, that has
changed my life for the better.

Linux based systems are now (silently) ubiquitous via Android and
anyway the internet itself runs mostly on linux based systems. I have
an Ubuntu phone too (and Android devices). Ubuntu is now so well
established worldwide that it is no longer in need of my active
advocacy, and I have no problem accepting everyone uses the system
they choose. People do have a choice, although the retail environment
obscures this and causes difficulty.

Digital life is SO all encompassing nowadays and the issues
surrounding its use and implications are not at all obvious without
considerable effort.

If a FB list is used may I suggest that it is made open to view by non
FB members please? It will enable openness, may attract new members,
and not least will allow occasional passers by like me to continue to
be aware?

Somewhat off topic, though central to the issue of free speech (the
ultimate reason I now rarely use this list, or in fact facebook) is a
blog I wrote back in 2012. It may be of interest to some.
'Chills for Our Brave New 1984'

Warmest regards to all
alan cocks

On 19/01/16 17:50, [motorhome-list] wrote:
I posted the following on the Off Topic list:

Good to see your last two Off Topic postings Ern. I fear that the silent main list and this one are going the same way as the print media. New ways of communicating are killing of the traditional. Even saying that this www forum is now traditional makes a statement.

I have to confess that on matters motorhoming I now post on a Facebook forum (The Motorcaravanners group). I can almost instantly add a photo or a link that becomes visible and there are virtually instant responses.

I think maybe Andy foresaw the trend which, with other interests, saw him relinquish managing the List. Interesting that I keep abreast with him and others (inc Martin, Carol and Bernard) on Facebook.

However, I will say that I hope the Off Topic list keeps alive as somehow the discussions lend themselves more to words and forethought than images and immediate responses.


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alan cocks

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