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Martin Villar <MARTIN@...>

In motorhome-list Hilary wrote

But don't you instruct your pupils to pull in to a place where it is
safe to do so (ie so that traffic can overtake one way or another),
put the hazard lights on, and - if necessary - change places with the
learner in order to get out into the traffic again? Particularly if
the damage could be as serious as stated?

BDSUOI, SCD, MHD, SJAFAAW Cert, BAIII Cert, and a quantity of O
Levels. ;-)
Not knowing the size of the tree branch anymore than you do I would suggest
that the instructor would have assessed the situation as the car was stopped
at red lights anyway and have advised the pupil whether to go round the
obstacle or not before the light turned green
Obviously the instructor would have realised that they had run over the tree
branch if that is what she had advised the pupil to do and was hopefully
looking for a safe place to stop the pupil, but you must realise as a bus
driver that there are situations where you cannot safely stop at all, e.g on
a busy dual carriageway with clearway signage and no laybys but you know of
a place a short distance down the road where you can stop the pupil(as Boris
said, the instructor did not stop the pupil imeadiately) which suggests that
there was no safe place to stop at the time.
Personally I would not expect a tree branch to detach the hydraulic hose to
my brake pipes as they are situated above the brake caliper and are at least
2 foot above ground and protected by the proximity of the caliper to the
wheel and are torqued down to 85 lb psi.
Lastly (and bear in mind I am a man ) Boris's comment about women drivers
hit a nerve, as if you phone any Insurance company, as a woman you will be
given far better rates than a man of the same age and experience
PS if we are going back to school(very many years ago)

BDSUOI, SCD, MHD, SJAFAAW Cert, BAIII Cert, and a quantity of O
Levels. ;-)
7 O levels and 3 levels

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