Re: [MH-list] electical control unit on a Hymer

Alan Cocks <aec@...>

our 2002 hymer 494 does not show much for current change, the biggest
difference is the battery voltages when hooked up, on charge, or off
charge etc.

try hymer specific list?

In article <3ED65F0F.24722.15C371@localhost>, Steve Wilson
<> writes

>> Many modern ‘vans will have two built-in charging arrangements,
one driven by the
engine and one via a mains hook-up. In our own ‘van each system
charges both
batteries but this is not universally true.<<

Will the above be true for my 92 Hymer B544, I wonder?

I hooked my van up for the first time (in the UK at any rate), ran
thru the switches on my
electical control unit, and could see no visible sign of any

What (if anything) should the voltmeter and the ammeter be showing
when the van is
hooked up?

Thinking about it, I'm not sure whether I've seen my ammeter show
anything other than
a 'flat' zero reading ...

-Steve Wilson
Alan Cocks Berkshire UK

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