[MH-list] Re: Eiffel Tower - Brittany aires.

Mervyn Pickard

I'm not too sure why anybody with a fully equipped and very expensive motorhome would go out of their way to spend upwards of £40 a night to stay on a campsite offering facilities they neither needed nor wanted.
Aires are an ideal situation for me thank you. They offer a place to sleep, a space to park my van while visiting the local area purchasing local produce and giving local businesses my custom. They allow me to empty and replenish water supplies at a reasonable cost.
If you wish to go and waste your hard earned cash then please feel free to do so, but don't come on here labelling people who may think differently penny pinchers. I bought my motorhome to travel, not to camp.
Happy camping


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How refreshing to hear a motorhome-list owner admit to and recommending a campsite!

I have made a note of it.

As motorhome owners, we are privileged and relatively comfortable,
particularly in comparison with many E U people.

I get both tired and embarrassed by the penny- pinching attitude of always
looking for facilities for which there is an expectation to pay little , or nothing.


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