Re: Front wheel bearings Boxer, Ducato etc.


When bearing went on my 'van, about same age as yours, Peugeot dealer wouldn't fit new bearing as they wanted to fit new stub axle and charge the appropriate extortionate price so took it to local dealer and had new bearing fitted


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Have noisy front wheel bearing at only 15,000 miles and 7 years old on
my Peugeot Boxer. In case you all don't know this is a common problem
on motorhomes that stand unused for long periods, on these popular
'Sevel' chassis. ( 2006 pre-X250 in this case ).

The bearings are sealed so no chance of adding grease as preventive
maintenance and they corrode internally through lack of use ( and poor
design: my opinion, that ).

This is only the second ever wheel bearing I have needed to replace in
50 years of motor vehicle ownership including other 'long time standing'

Nigel L

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