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On Wed, 07 Jan 2004 15:41:07 -0000, you wrote:

I have just booked through the Motorhome Ticket Club and was very
pleased with their helpfulness and, of course, price. Out July
Saturday, back August Saturday three weeks later, up to 6.5m,
£162.00. This is only £1 more than the same crossing last year
through the Motorcaravanners Club, who seem to be charging about
£186 this year.
I think the Channel Ferry Pirates initiative has been very helpful in
at least keeping prices static. get them reduced!
Chris Martinson

Mmm I am told the early booking price for the channel Tunnel goes up
on the 8th of Jan and we cant comit yet as we do NOT know the
confirmed date we need to be there.

How do these prices compare with the tunnel.

I dont use ferries as I suffer badly with sea sickness but the last 4
trips in seacat have been fine however we did wish to try the tunnel
but, Unless I can provisionaly book at that price I am stumped! any
advice appreciated!

Regards Andy T
Regards Andy T

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