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Mike Woodhead <mjwoodhead@...>

The latest info I have on P&O concessions is it has got very expensive
> comparison to what you can get from the clubs.

> A friend sent me this quote;

> I have my copy of next year's P&O stockholders brochure and at first
> the fares look a little lower. However, the surcharges for height and
> have gone up and in some cases by quite a lot. On the Le Havre and
> routes last year the charge for more than 6m length was only £20
return. The
> height limit was 2m before going to the higher rates. This year it is
> £66/metre over 6m long and £28/metre over 1.83m high. The other rub is
> previously I got a discount on these surcharges as a stockholder but
not any
> more! Definitely will have to shop around for the best fares next year
> possibly sell the shares.

> unquote

> Pete D

Hi Everybody

P&O concessions matched the best price we had been quoted when we
travelled with them last October on the Dover - Calais crossing.
The operative had to consult a supervisor but returned the call soon
afterwards to confirm the price.

£277.00 for our Hobby 750 (7.83 metres) plus Smart car on A-frame and dog
for our 30 day trip. Started off at about £80 - £90 more !!!


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