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And there is another about 3 km away: -
Sorry, Bertie. The link doesn't work, so here here are the details: -

Accès/adresse :
La Vallée

Thanks Ern. Spoke to son this morning, no idea why he was up this early with 3 young children, and he reckons place he is on about is next to supermarket and has ehu and he even thinks it might be free!!!!

Latitude : (Nord) 48.99543° Décimaux ou 48° 59′ 43′′
Longitude : (Ouest) -1.08275° Décimaux ou -1° 4′ 57′′

You can get to it from the above link by clicking on Département : 50 Manche, or by doing a <Chercher par le nom> - 2nd box on the left.

OTOH, I could not find anything looking like an aire on Google Maps. Perhaps it's a recent development.

HTH a little more.


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