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Very many thanks Bertie. I know about El Saler, although I have not used it, but it was a bit far south of the city for us on this occasion.
Thanks for the feedback, will delete the Valencia ones from TomTom and will possibly have a look at El Saler on way down in January

We drove past your other suggestions but 1) turned out to be either angled on-the-street parking or height restricted, both of which are no good for us, while 2) is the entry to a commercial centre underground car park which also would have neatly taken the roof off the van! 1) and 2) are on opposite sides of the same commercial centre which, coincidentally, is called 'El Saler'.

For anybody interested, Valencia is a very nice and seemingly interesting city, well worth a return visit from our point-of-view. We finished up parking by the beach just north of the port area where we found lots of space while we lunched. Don't think we would get away with an overnight stay but it fitted our needs on this occasion. For our next visit we need to find a proper 'camper-stop'.

Again, very many thanks for getting back to me so quickly.


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