Hi, have a couple of places on TomTom but have not used them but here are the co-ord for you 1) N39.45331 W0.35678 which is a free camping place and 2) N39.45149 W0.34435 which is a pay site, you also have the Spanish aire at El Saler at N39.38731 W0.33164


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Living in Barcelona I should know the answer to this but the fact is that I have never had occasion to stop in Valencia whilst travelling the Med-Coast by MH!

Does anybody have a recommended stopover site convenient for the centre, if such a thing exists?

Our current trip was not planned in advance and our expected stopover tomorrow (Saturday night) was not scheduled.

By the way, just left Cordoba after a quickie visit. Pity about the rain (oh how it rained!) but for those who do not know the city, well worth a visit. Good eating and the Mezquita is amazing.

Many thanks.

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