Re: [MH-list] Fiat 2.8jtd query.


Thanks for your prompt answer!
The tyres are the same size and the mph is taken from our GPS (as our last speedo was slightly out) so that won't affect anything.
Don't know how I would check the gearbox or the axle ratios. All the vans were on the maxi alko chassis with 16" tyres so would have thought they would have been the same. Just wonder if "chipping" or "remapping" would help, or if it would be worth it.

I'm not a Fiat man, but using my Land Rover experiences there will be

The gearbox may have different ratio gears.

The axle differential may have a different ratio.

The tyres may be different sizes, so their circumference would be different.

Then the speedo could be wrong. Try using a GPSr to display actual
speed over the ground. Used correctly, a GPSr will always be more
accurate than a speedo.


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