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Sygic on the iPad seems to be happy.

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On 18 Nov 2012, at 20:02, "David Scholes" <> wrote:

On 18 Nov 2012, at 16:59, ErnB wrote:

Just for fun, see how many of you can set 110 Barrow Road, Bristol BS5 as a
destination on your sat-navs. IGO hasn’t a clue. Nor has Google Maps. About
20 years ago, the A420 end of Barrow Road disappeared under Bristol
Development Corp’s new Bristol Spine Road. Now, the St Philip’s Causeway.
Google thinks that it is the entrance to a block of flats.
Purely as a matter of interest my TT 720 does not have no. 110 but it is happy to show no. 123 as nesar Lincoln Street, just short of Jarvis Street and the other side of the seemingly small roundabout from Saint Philip's Causway. It seems that that end of Barrow Street is a slip road from St. Ph. Caus. but then it becomes Day's Road till the roundabout and then becomes Barrow Road again. Unfortunately Barrow Road seems to be on 2 sides of the roundabout so it is therefore in 2 places at once. I would still bet that where it stops me is within easy walking distance of no. 110, assuming that it still exists.


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