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Mervyn Pickard

What a refreshing post Steve. It is so nice to hear some positive comments from someone who has used GPS Sat Nav over a number of years.
It drives me to distraction, the number of drivers who turn on their Sat Nav and, at the same time, turn off their common sense. Sat Nav is one of the greatest recent aids to motoring, especially motorhoming, where we are frequently travelling to new places. They all have their little foibles, but as long as we remember that they are an aid and not a God, to be followed without question, they are a great aid to stress free travelling.
I, for one, would not want to travel without one.

Happy travelling


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Hi Folks,
I have been reading this thread with interest, first of all I must say before a previous poster wastes her money on software that only the iPad with 3G has the GPS chip, they both share the same electronics. I was a bit disappointed at first when I found our wifi only iPad did not have GPS.
We recently went through the upgrade agony as our twelve year old TomTom on a Mio PDA was getting too small to see in the cab (my arms seem to be getting shorter as well!). Although it was still working well for us with ten year old maps. It has been taking us all round Europe and took us all round the USA west 18 months ago having bought a ten year old USA map from eBay for £5.
Recently in the UK a friend lent us her Garmin to compare and we had them both running and I was not impressed with it at all. So we eventually bought a TomTom Smart 60 with an enormous 6in screen which I can se with no trouble and I am really impressed. Especially as without a route planned it still warns when I am speeding although a bit late in my opinion so like a previous poster the wife is now out of a job! The unit bought from Halfords cost £130 odd which included £30 reduction for ordering on the Internet for collection in store. It also included "lifetime map updates". I don't want truck routing because like Neil I like taking small roads even though we have a large "A" class Motorhome. We have never not been able to get along the route chosen obviously with the help of intelligent sixth sense. And we live in rural South of France with some tiny villages.
Like Carol POI's are essential, as we are lifetime members of the Pocket GPS camera database and we have the aires and our own sleepy-spots and another good one for low bridges which I have set to warn at 1km to give us a chance to re-route.
Another thing I do is to run an eeePC which has a solid state disk with AutoRoute plotting a GPS track so we know what sort of route we have done and on general where we are especially when ignoring TomTom.
Sorry for the long post, The GPS to me is a tool far better than the wife having to have her head in a map. We do carry a couple of really old maps with us but they are rarely used. The old TomTom was great for me the new one is even greater. If we suddenly decide to go off route it always gets us back on without problem. We can always find a supermarket near us for cheap fuel and we can always navigate to strange places although I often look up on google maps to find the lat/long so as to arrive right outside the gate.
Good travelling to all,

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