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Simon Whitehead

I carry a small bilge pump incase we need to fill up from troughs. These days animals don't use them and sometimes the water flows continuously...

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Arm yourself with a set of tap keys, as many different pipe to hose adapters as you can find and a pair of manhole lifting rings (there are stopcocks in manholes often, you will learn to recognise them in time and those are most unlikely to be frozen). Don’t forget to put things back as you found them. The cemetery one is good too. On the Spanish coast a 500cl PET water bottle with the bottom cut off will fit over the beach shower heads and give you a stream from the top good enough to fill up from. I have some of those 15L collapsible water bottles one of the tops of which is fitted with a hose adapter and I can then fill the tank from them. I have a hook from which I can hang the bottle while it empties to save the arms.

On the ordinary “A” roads there is usually a good supply of picnic areas. We overnight in those though others give us dire stories of mayhem (usually third hand, a friend of a friend) but we have never had a problem in 7 years of wild camping.

Have a good trip.

Harry (R)

From: ric <>
Sent: Wednesday, 31 October 2012, 18:56
Subject: [MH-list] France in Winter

Some friends of ours at 86 and 78 have just moved to Spain! The sense of
that we will ignore. However whilst they are still alive we would like
to visit them, and the sooner the better!
We are considering going over via the tunnel (better for the dog) around
the 9th of January. I do not particularly want to drive lots of miles
per day so lets say it will take 8 days to get to their new house.
What problems will we have at this time, of year with regard to grey
water, black water and Aires in general?
We hve two cassettes so can travel 5 or 6 days between dumps. We have
Gaslow so there should not be a problem with heating. I suppose the main
query is with regard to overnight locations. Say we wanted to stay at
Brezolle. I assume that the water may not be on but an overnight would
surely be ok?

Also our tyres are on 28000 miles and down to 4-5mm is it sensible to
change them? On since 2008.

Any comments would be appreciated.


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