Euro 4 Light Goods Vehicles - New Tax Class (36)

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Euro 4 Light Goods Vehicles - New Tax Class (36)
From 1 March 2003 light goods vans, first registered in the UK which meet
Euro 4 emission level standards, will qualify for a lower rate of vehicle
excise duty (VED).

The Chancellor announced this concession in his budget in April of last
year. The changes reinforce the message to both the motor industry and the
general motoring public that 'the less you pollute, the less you pay' for
tax discs.

The new tax class (TC 36) only applies to those light goods vans, weighing
less than 3.5 tonnes, which meet the required Euro 4 standard as detailed in
the EC Directives.

The rate of duty payable for the new tax class will be 105 for 12 months
and 57.75 for 6 months, a saving of 55 and 30.25 respectively on the
normal vans rate (TC 39).

The manufacturer needs to provide voluntary confirmation that the vehicle
meets the Euro 4 standard at first registration in the UK. Without this you
will be charged the higher rate of VED. The manufacturer will add this
information at first registration either via the Automated First
Registration and Licensing System [AFRL] or on the paper V55. If this
information is not available, you will need to contact the manufacturer to
obtain evidence that the vehicle meets Euro 4 standards. This should be a
signed declaration made by them on formal headed paper.

Vehicles registered in the UK before 1 March 2003 will not be eligible to
claim the new concession.



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