Was: Breakdown in France - Part 3 - new question!


Thanks for that - just changed the 50amp maxi fuse at the leisure battery as suggested and YES we have 12v back again:) £1.59 is the price for this magic fuse (we had visions of mega bucks again) so DELIGHTED!!!

You know when you take one step forward and then two back - any suggestion on my next problem? The full light cluster at the rear right hand side is dead. All others are OK. Have checked fuses - OK. Have checked bulbs - OK. Have fiddles with wires (that we can reach) but are now stumped. Ideas or inspiration gratefully accepted. Thanks

Our van has a small in line fuse in the live to the leisure battery. Worth looking to see if you have the same.

Hello Sue,
I think in our van there are two "breakers" that we need to check - one inside, that we are supposed to check each time we hook up, to make sure everything is ok. But there is also one on or right by the charge box itself. When we had problems, we didn't know to check the one on the box....

If flicking switches doesn't sort it out (no, I'm not technical at all), then you may need a new re-charge box controller thingamejig - which turned out to be not as expensive as we had feared. Turned out too that it hadn't been working when we bought the camper, and that the dealer apparently had no clue either.....

Glad your van is back - long live the holidays again!

As a final note - we had been living in the van up to this happening with everything working but now we have no 12v. Have had on hook up for 24 hours but no charge showing on guage above door. Is there a relay or a fuse which may have tripped?

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