Breakdown in France - Part 3


Yeeeeeehhhh! Have now got our van back, she drives lovely and I am not nervous in her as I thought I might be!
It was the tensioner bolt that had caused all the problem.
The list of work done by the garage is as follows:-

Remove engine in order to have bolt "drilled out"
Fully recon cylinder head
Replace cam belt kit, alloy idler pully, headgasket and bolts.
Replace oil and filter.
Replace tensioner and bolts.

We paid £2900 + VAT so are broke but happy!!

Spoke this morning to the European Recovery Insurance claim office (breakdown bought as part of our SAGA policy) about the damage which happened during our vans recovery to UK. They need either estimate or receipt for damage caused so they can pass on to the recovery agents THEY appointed. My understanding is that as all contact was made between myself and the EU department of the SAGA recovery department it is up to them to claim as THEY "sub contracted" the work out (even though it was on my behalf) It will then be up to the recovery agent to decide if we have a valid claim.
I am willing to fight for this as I have photographic evidence and also the original sheet from when we were first collected on a loader showing ONE scratch and also the final sheet where the UK agent collected the van from where the French agent dropped it showing ALL the damage we want to claim for.
At the end of the day we just want our beloved van back to normal so we will be getting the work done anyway - would be nice to get some money back though as I believe, in the circumstances, we should.

As a final note - we had been living in the van up to this happening with everything working but now we have no 12v. Have had on hook up for 24 hours but no charge showing on guage above door. Is there a relay or a fuse which may have tripped?

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