Re: [ breakdown in france - part 2!


Hi all
Well we arrived home and were followed 10 days later by the van. Here are a few words of wisdom for anyone in a similar position:-

Before leaving the vehicle for recovery take photographs of the bodywork and each "corner". Our van arrived at the garage with scratches down both sides from being loaded on the transporter. We also had a cracked bumper and wheel arch. Luckily we had photographs which show that there weren't any marks when we left it. Don't know how we would have proved it otherwise. Contacted insurance who want us to get quote for repair - once we can drive the van.

Garage have said that the bottom of the engine is fine and there aren't even any oil leaks. At the moment we are waiting for the end of the bolt to be drilled out. Once that is back they can start rebuilding. I will post an update when all is finished (and tell you what work was actually done as per the final invoice)

The inside of the van seemed fine and we had taken Trevors advise and removed everything of value.

Gutted to be at home when we should be down in Spain but all in all it seems to be going OK!

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we have hire car
and leave for home in morning with our van following us on
transportation 14 to 21 days later.
Remove EVERYTHING of value and everything not screwed down! Don't want to
worry you but there have been some real horror stories of what the owners
found when they finally got their vehicle back!


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