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So we know that the heater is producing hot air OK

I wonder if you have maybe misunderstood how the pipes work and the
taped up pipes would be flowing the other way, and so unexpectedly
cutting off other vents.
We asked Hymer about this and they think it was a winter pack option for the double floor. It shouldn't have a loose end blowing in the locker but they wouldn't give me a schematic to say where it SHOULD be connected.

Inside the van
> the normal hose travels along the seating with 3 ducts
- none of which blow much air!!
That is your problem.
I know!

Because we have to have itblowing fast for so long it really
> affects my chest which is why we are looking for alternatives.

Sorry, this makes no sense to me. You are saying that almost no air is
coming out, but say it is affecting your chest. Is your chest affected
by the sound of the fan, or is it the air from the bed or the shower
vents that is affecting it? Why does warm air affect your chest? Is
there some dust being blown in? Ours has a filter, so the air from the
fans is cleaner than any other air in the van!
I think what happens is that it blows any dust in the air (I am the same with any blown heaters) and as it comes from the bed end it has to travel all the way along the van.

The solution is simple: your heating system's ducting is in a mess and
need to be taken to a professional to get it fixed.
Sounds like the ducting is wrong and you are blowing the heat away. It
needs to be fixed and maybe modified to get it working properly.

You shouldn't need to tape up ducts - there ought to be butterfly valves
in the vents to turn them off (though some are missing on our van too).
We have the butterfly valves but it is amazing how much heat still comes out of them into the garage.

Thanks for all your suggestions.

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