The blown air is set at about number 4 to 5 which seems to get up to 20 degrees and maintains that temperature. It blows fast for ages to get up to temp and then balances out. We didn't get to temperature for hours and the blower was blowing at full power. When we investigated we found that there was a small heating hose loose and pointing into the outside locker (which was taking all our heat)!! We have now taped this up and the situation has improved slightly but we still don't seem to get much heat from the front air ducts. The ducts leave the boiler and go straight into the garage (all taped up and turned off now) apart from the T that enters the van at the steps up into bed which blows very hot and there is a T off into the bathroom which is also hot. It then can be seen at the side of the toilet locker disappearing under the shower/bathroom and then this is where it can be seen coming out in two smaller hoses in the outside locker - one disappears DOWN and the other is the one we have taped up. Inside the van the normal hose travels along the seating with 3 ducts - none of which blow much air!! Because we have to have it blowing fast for so long it really affects my chest which is why we are looking for alternatives. There is no way to check the hose as it runs under or around the bathroom and we think there is maybe a blockage or leak which is causing the trouble.
Any suggestions welcome

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