Driving in India

ErnB <ernb@...>

Who was telling about driving in India?

I have just watched some on Channel Five. (Ice Road Truckers.) They are
bloody insane. They were driving up into the Himalayas along the "Freefall
Freeway" out of Delhi. You should see them and the piles of wreckage along
the side. I'd rather do Bruxelles wearing a blindfold.

Mind you, it explains some of the driving in Bristol. Especially the taxi

For example, I was recently overtaken on our roundabout by two taxis. The
one that overtook me on the offside, cut off left across me at well over
40mph and just missed the taxi that was overtaking me in the nearside. I am
talking millimetres. As I followed the latter into this block of flats it
had met the other taxi head on. He had arrived via the other entrance.

The drivers, both Indian, then started to argue over the fare. A third taxi
with an Arab driver then arrived. It was his call. The first two were
freelancing and had intercepted his controller's radio message. But they
wouldn't tangle with the Arab. He gave them the eye, and they left quietly.

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