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As an owner of an Android phone, there are plenty of programs out there
to help.
I have a T-Mobile contract that gives me unlimited internet for £15 a month
when I am in the UK. So one of Jenny's tablets would allow me to browse and
email without limit. If I can get the equal or better than mt TT Go for
another 30Eu, I am in the £5 seats.

Remember Memory Map for the PC and Windows-mobile 'phones as well as the
iphone? You can get some software called 'mm tracker' that read those
map tile files and export the tracklogs to GPX format for Google Earth
to read.
As you say, very handy.

Ulysee Speedo. Regular speedo but put it on your dash and it'll give you
HUD at night time of your speed. However, there are lots of people that
don't like driving at night. A lot seem to be older people but I won't
infer much else as I might get lynched ;)
I will be 79 next month and I love driving at night. All the nutters are
passed out in bed and driving is far more relaxed. And less traffic means
that I can drive for maximum economy.

GPS Status is quite helpful if you think the satellites are ignoring you ;)
Is that the one that tells me where I am and my elevation? I use that to
update my weather machine for a more accurate forecast.

Tapatalk if you access web forums on your tablet/phone. There are also a
bunch of wireless tools to share wifi or browse SMB systems and the like.

Theoretically I can browse my home network of folders/machines with my
phone over wireless (I just haven't gotten around to getting Dads Laptop
to see and access his home PC on the same network. Grr W7 :o)

For traffic information there is 'UK Traffic' and 'RAC Traffic'. I think
there are others but it's a matter of finding what is best for you.
Sygic includes Traffic, but I could only use it in UK. TT want annual subs.

There is a MacD app too. Helpful to tell you where the nearest free WiFi
is ;)
Always handy.

AlamDroid is quite good as an alarm clock with lots of settings. I've
got about 8 setup. 6 to rouse me at stupid o'clock in the morning to get
me to work and 2 spares...
My stricture is far more efficient and doesn't disturb the neighbours.

For example, I often have Data switched off during the day unless I need it.
Best that way ;)
Essential when abroad.

There are tools like ElectroDroid for those people who want to know
technical things then forget the formulas ;)
I'll take two, please.

So. A whole bunch of tools. Some are bought and others are free, but
I've not spent that much on software. An awful lot is free ;)
Elwyn, my temptation factor meter is almost off of the scale.

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