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Simon Whitehead

You can get an Elecsol of around £105 which might be better value than an open cell. I am moving toward the AGM type as they are often cranking as well as deep discharge batteries. I also like the fact that they can be punished more often without damage. Others on this site have had good experience of the Elecsol product (as well as some bad). I am also thinking of my sailing boat for this.
Obviously, I am hoping to elicit a reaction...

On 27 Sep 2011, at 13:19, "" <> wrote:

Hi all
I hesitate to revive this subject again, but, what the heck!

My leisure battery, of unknown previous history, has just died and I'd just
like to get an idea on the general consensus of opinion as to whether a
replacement with removeable caps to top up the electrolyte is preferable to
the sealed variety.

I'm leaning towards the opinion that it is, but would welcome your views
before I buy one and live to regret it (Well OK that's a bit melodramatic!
prefer that I'd bought the other type, then :-))

My main consideration is cost, so I'm only looking at the budget end of the
market and am already aware, that to a great extent, one always get what one
pays for.

So So 110Ah for less than £85 delivered is the spec, just whether vented or

Thanks in advance, and over to you.

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