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Found this, it might affect a few here in view of recent discussions.


The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) today announced that it will
automatically reimburse drivers who have been unnecessarily charged for the
renewal of certain short-term medical driving licences.

This follows the identification of a legal anomaly, dating back to 1996 and
introduced in January 1997, that led to drivers of cars and motorcycles
being incorrectly charged fees for the renewal of certain short-term medical
driving licences at the age of 70 and over.

After a further legislative amendment in 1998, the undetected legal anomaly
also affected drivers of buses and lorries for the renewal of short period
medical licences at the age of 45 and over.

Of the 42 million licences issued by DVLA since 1997, DVLA estimate that
200,000 people may be eligible for a refund. DVLA is now arranging to refund
the fees, with interest, to those affected. These will be issued
automatically to those affected by the end of June.

Having identified this, DVLA has put in place procedures to minimise the
risk of this problem happening again. DVLA regrets this matter and all
drivers seeking to renew their short-term medical driving licences will now
be exempt from any renewal charge.

Refunds will be issued automatically and drivers affected need not take any
action. Drivers who are concerned they have paid unnecessarily, and have not
received a refund by the end of June, should contact the free helpline that
has been put in place

Telephone number 0800 5877 664.

The DVLA helpline will also provide advice for those drivers who have moved
and not notified the DVLA of their change of address, and the next of kin of
those drivers who are now deceased.



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