Re: [MH-list] Repair to Aluminium Roof

Simon Whitehead

Sikaflex is an amazing product; it stretches by about 20 times so 'popping off' is not going to be a problem. It also sets even under water, although this is not recommended.
I think that if the hole is in a suitable position, tread plate sounds ideal.
You can paint onto Sikaflex but you must use a primer first.

On 20 May 2011, at 13:02, "Steve" <> wrote:

Yes you will - the data sheet will tell you exactly how many pounds you can
hang off a square inch.

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From: Rob

Date: 19/05/2011 22:14:17


Subject: Re: [MH-list] Repair to Aluminium Roof

If you patch it and secure the patch with sikaflex you will never know how
secure it is and if its out of view if it's still there. Flexing could make
it pop off. Depending on the size, sand off the paint to provide a key, use
a 2 part epoxy mix car body filler and gradually fill in stages until just
over flush and then sand down and paint. You want no chance of water ingress
and if you patch it there will always be that chance. I had pinhole
corrosion in my classic caravan and with the addition of creating small
dents with a ball pein hammer to make something to fill I made a permenant


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